MCB offers Window Film Products by:

Excel Series:

The Excel Series is a non-reflective, 1.5 mil 2 ply black color stable dyed film, that is the most durable choice for a lifetime. This window tint film provides; Excellent Optical Clarity, Durable Scratch Resistant Coating, Solar Control, Heat Rejection, and Blocks 99% Ultraviolet Rays.

Excell IRP:

The latest enhancement to our signature Excel product, Excel IRP, (IR Performance) incorporates an IR nano-particle coating that maximizes optical clarity while building a comprehensive shield of protection from heat, glare and harmful UV and IR rays. The remarkable solar control and color stability of the non-metal Excel IRP, along with its uncompromising aesthetics, places it a cut above other IR blocking films. As with all other ASWF products, it is endorsed with a lifetime factory-backed warranty

Some of the safety benefits of our window tinting service are:

  • 1.  Acts as reinforcement for glass and assists in holding the glass pieces together in an instance of breakage.
  • 2. Helps in protecting skin membranes of you and your family from direct heat and light from the sun.
  • 3. Assists in protection of heat, glare, fatigue and eye strains.

For high-quality car window tint installation in Lewis Center  Powell, Dublin, Delaware and Columbus Ohio,  Contact Details Plus Ohio for a quote.

Please contact Details Plus Ohio with vehicle information and film preferences as prices may vary depending on film grade.

Window Tinting 

Why choose Window Tint? It serves as protection on multiple uses. 

  1. Safety
  2. UV Protection
  3. Interior Heat Reduction
  4. Aesthetic Appeal